Ice Rinks Cooling

We design and supply cooling technologies for ice rinks, mobile ice rinks, speed skating ovals and curling surfaces.

In the case of a mobile ice rink, after packing the ice rink, the space can be used for example as a children's traffic playground.

Ammonia-free solution

Our ice packs do not use ammonia (NH3), but non-toxic, non-explosive, environmentally friendly HFC or HFO refrigerants (eg R410A, R449A, R407C). More about refrigerants see here.

Cooling units for ice rinks

JDK has developed cooling units for ice rinks ranging from 30kW to 500kW for cooling the antifreeze from -9 °C to -12 °C. We use semi-hermetic piston, screw or scroll compressors. We use brazed plate or shell and tube heat exchangers as coolers (evaporators). The unit is equipped with an electrical switchboard including controlling.

The units are designed in two basic versions:

  1. To machinery room with separate air cooled condenser, which is outside the building
  2. Compact unit for outdoor installation - including control cabinet and air-cooled condenser. In standard or soundproof design
Energy saving

The compressors allow progressive control of cooling capacity either stepwise (3 to 8 steps) or continuous and thus optimize the power consumption. Another contribution to the reduction of electric consumption is gradual or continuous control of condenser fans and the use of heat recovery. In this case, the heat is transferred to the water (up to 55°C) instead of being transferred to the ambient air by the fans. The use of a water-cooled condenser and subsequent use of heated water at a temperature of +25 to + 30° C also saves electricity. It is also possible to use subcooling of liquid refrigerant if the water source is about 12°C. Then the temperature of leaving water can be up to + 20°C. Electronically controlled expansion valves, also help to optimize performance.

Custom design

Although we have a wide range of applications for our ice-cooling units, this is not a standard series production. Each order is in its own way an original solution (different layout, different noise requirements, different use of waste heat, etc.).

When designing cooling for ice rinks and mobile ice rinks, it is always very important to take into account equipment noise requirements, minimize power consumption, and maximize waste heat utilization. Already at the initial design stage, it is advisable to have a solution that will allow for the gradual addition of equipment so that it is not only reliable but also economical. Increased initial costs will soon be paid for.

Product documentation
Unit for Icering Colling IRU Series (PR150, 58kB)
Unit for Icering Cooling WTE-D2KCP - lefleat (PR151, 212kB)
Chillers WTE-D1 Series - lefleats (PR112, 159kB)