Cooled Warehouses

Cost effective and properly designed cooling technology affects significantly operating cost of refrigerated warehouses.

 JDK as a manufacturer of refrigeration equipment know well to recognize and adapt to the needs of customers. JDK Warehouse Cooling Kit well meet requirements for reliability and cost effective operation with full service support.


Refrigerated rooms are usually part of the logistics chain between production, distribution and sale. The challenge is to ensure the storage conditions (temperature, humidity) be in accordance with hygienic or technology standards.

Processing rooms – working space with a temperature of +12 to +15°C, low level of noise and air velocity must be consider.

Cold storage – temperature depends on type of article but usually it is kept in range -1°C to +10°C, required relative humidity depends also on type of goods wrapping. For rooms with temperature below +5°C it is recommended to use an evaporators with active defrosting system (electrical or hot gas).

Freezing rooms – are used to store products at temperatures from -18°C to -30°C. Evaporators must be equipped with a defrosting system (electrical or hot gas).

Fast freezing – this is a quick way to reduce the temperature of food to minimize a microorganism grow. Essential for good process performance is high and well distributed airflow and low air temperature (i.e. -40°C for freezing process).

Heat Losses

Good quality of thermal insulation is always essential for low operation cost of refrigerated spaces. Never underestimate quality and workmanship of insulated box. JDK company cooperates only with the best suppliers of insulated boxes.

Heat Load Calculations

Operation conditions, the method of storage and kind of goods has an effect on the proper selection of refrigeration technology. For determination of heat gain can help you JDK calculation program Bilance. Software heat load simulation program was originally developed by JDK company for its own internal use. Now is available for our customers upon request for free download.

General Criteria for Cooling Technology Selection

Knowledge of heat gains, storage temperature and operating conditions influence the selection of warehouse cooling technology from the view of:

  1. Unit cooling capacity
  2. Temperature gradient (TD) on evaporator
  3. Cooling capacity control and units back-up
  4. Airflow distribution
  5. Data archiving, units monitoring, remote service access via Internet

Do not hesitate to contact us for help with technology selection.

Recommended Temperature Gradient (TD) on Evaporator
Refrigerated rooms TD (K) Note
Processing rooms 8.5 … 11 Low air velocity and low noise
Handy storages 5.5 … 8 Average article turn
Process warehouses 4.0 … 6 High article turn
Stock of cut flowers 4.5 Low air velocity
Confectionery store 11  … 14 Wrapped, low relative humidity
Fast freezing 4.0 … 5.5 High air velocity, air distribution