Service Support

JDK company provides its customers professional service and support for the whole life cycle supplied cooling devices.

Warranty and After Sales Service

JDK Company is committed to provide full service support for all their devices even beyond warranty period. Service of your cooling equipment can be arranged directly with our service technician, see Contacts.

Service Agreement

For end users who has decided to delegate care about cooling technology to hands of professional company we offer individual Service Agreement. Then the service team with full company background for emergency service is ready for you. The Service Agreement assess regular maintenance checks of device, the deadlines for elimination of defects and speed of response by type of failure.

Service 24

For our customers we provide non-stop service support. The service includes consulting services and operative solutions to the problems raised directly at the customer. At your disposal are qualified technicians our service department with fully equipped service vehicles.

Leak Tests

We offer execution of leak test for cooling circuit with our certified technician.

According European Parliament and Council Regulation (EC) No. 842/2006 (Article 3, paragraph 6) all HFC refrigerants (i.e. R404A, R407C, R410A,…) come under the group of F-Gases, controlled substances that have an impact on greenhouse. The operator of refrigeration equipment containing ≥ 3 kg of refrigerant must keep records of the results of regular checks for leakage (for more info see Refrigerants).

Installation and Commissioning

We offer professional installation of refrigeration technology with our certified technicians. Part of the assembly is to perform operational tests of cooling equipment according to EN 378-2 and issue record. Relevant end user training is performed before passing device to customer. Along to JDK cooling device supply is approved Operation Book established. Book meets the requirements for keeping records of checks for leakage according EC directive No. 842/2006.

Remote Surveillance

Monitoring and remote maintenance access to equipment appears to be a very effective way to minimize losses caused by any failure of the cooling technology. Remote evaluating the fault allow to make targeted intervention. More about monitoring see Monitoring and Visualization.

Delivery of Spare Parts

In company warehouse are always identified designated components for spare parts purposes which are immediately available. We ongoing improve our flexibility in solving an urgent failures. In cases where the required components are not in inventory we arrange for their preferred ordering and delivery in the shortest possible time. Your inquires for spare parts sent directly to the Sales Department.


In the event of failure or defective components supplied by our company please contact our service department. For description of failure please use JDK Claim Record.

For more details about procedure please see JDK Claim Rules.