For design and development of cooling technology solutions is JDK Company using its own strong application and development engineering department.

We are focused on serial and customized production. For our customers we guarantee of advanced and high quality design solutions with implementation of new technologies. Long term customer support is obvious.

Refrigeration Circuits

Calculation, selection and layout of refrigeration system is done by qualified and experienced engineers. For new units development we use JDK company know how supported with selection software of leading manufacturers of refrigeration components. We will be glad to prepare for you an individual solution according your requirements.

3D Design

Indisputable advantage of 3D engineering is the ability to create a perfect virtual image of the future product and the ability to optimize arrangement of components.

3D design model becomes the virtual prototype. Understanding and communication with the customer becomes easier and more effective. Considerable amounts of money can be saved by the making design changes in development phase.

CAD Konstrukce

Electrical Engineering

Part of JDK cooling technology supply are also electrical switch boxes and control boxes. Electrical design and development is done by qualified team of JDK electrical engineers.


JDK test room is available for an engineering functional and life tests of standard units and components before their launching them in to the market. According to customer demand we are ready to perform the acceptance tests before sending cooling technology to the customer.

Satisfied Customer

If customized unit is ordered, customer receive in advance 3D unit model for review. Before production start, the customer is asked for final approval of unit design (see pictures of models of applications that have been successfully implemented).

Design Optimization

3D CAD system is for JDK company a powerful tool not only for designing the mechanical layout, but thanks to the use of strength analysis significant weight reduction of the units has been achieved. Another big advantage is the ability to draw piping in 3D space. Optimalization of piping design helps to improve the layout of components and reduced overall dimensions of units.